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Film by Shingo Tamagawa

Music by Steve Reich “MALLET QUARTET:1 FAST”


Something is about to change drastically
We can only be witnesses to it.

Nadia Ruiz : Strangely I find the people more terrifying than the unknowns in this film.
O' r f e u '-' : Que animação incrível
vishnu ps : Can someone explaine me ?
ᄋ ᅳ ᄋ카이 : Whoa.. this is masterpiece ‍♀️‍♀️
Biena : anybody know what the logo is at the end of the animation

Shingo Tamagawa - Three Minutes, Three Years: Making Puparia

A portrait of Shingo Tamagawa, the talented animator behind the mysterious short animation film PUPARIA.

He looks back at his motivations and emotions that led him to this project, in addition to the daunting process of single-handedly creating the film, spending one year on preparation and two years on production.


- Shingo Tamagawa on Twitter: https://twitter.com/ShingoTamagawa

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Thanks to SubTube for the Portuguese (BR), Tsvetoslav 'Sean' Shalev
for the Bulgarian, nAnoMarV for the Arabic, Kandakyo for the Chinese (Simplified) and Charlotte for the French subtitles!

#animation #puparia
Anjali Hiregange : Such an exquisite, mesmerising piece of art...I like how he said he wants to take a stand and show how animation can be done from a different perspective. It feels like the main character in the piece is doing just that, as thought she got an idea and transformed herself into it. The puparium is her rest phase, when she is mulling something magical. The she gets up to do the work, and in the last scene we see her embodying it, painted with the symbols of the moth-butterfly being, that transformation, which seems to affect many other lives who have followed. It felt like a blank state and starting over in an entirely new way, like the edge of one way of being and the start of another, thus she gives a big smile of hope and gladness at the end. This was my interpretation when I saw it. Mad respect for the amount of work and delicacy put into it.
AdaM Costa : thank you archipel for bringing a documentary of this level, this channel is a gem on youtube!
Moani 44 : Imagine what this man could create if he had a team behind him.
Solaris : Junji ito next PLEASE....
馮荺琪 : Masterpiece comes from a pure passion

TAMAGAWA FKT by Riverside Micro Race





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